Our story was inspired by the twin rivers that brought jobs and prosperity to Glasgow

Two Rivers Recruitment started life in 2014 as Kelvinclyde Consultancy.  With a 15-year career in corporate HR - 10 of those spent in the Middle East - founder Eddie Finnigan returned to his native Glasgow to launch a job agency in Glasgow, bringing with him a wealth of experience, expertise and contacts.  Having worked with employment agencies in Glasgow and beyond as a client and candidate, Eddie knew exactly what needed to be done to achieve great service.

We have a deep understanding of job agencies in Glasgow and, as our client and candidate base increased across the UK and overseas, it was decided to change our trading name to Two Rivers Recruitment, reflecting our wider ambitions as a Glasgow-based recruitment agency with a national and international reach.

Our mission is to help businesses in Glasgow and beyond to be more successful, by helping them find the best people to work for them.  In doing so, we aim to build our own business to become the leading recruitment agency in Glasgow and support our communities by creating job opportunities that will help people find work and achieve their career aspirations.