Top Tips for Working From Home

1 April 2020

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Eddie Finnigan, who runs Two Rivers, a recruitment agency specialising in aerospace, engineering, business support and HR with a global reach, offers his top tips for people working from home.


  1. Get up and Get Ready

    We’re all dressing more casually in the workplace these days, the blue     pin-stripe suit, brogues and pocket handkerchief disappeared around     the same time as high waisted jeans and bright spandex. However,           when working at home you’ll never be in a productive frame of mind if     you’re sitting in your pyjamas and oversized slippers. Instead, you              should still go through your morning routine, shower, shave, brush your     hair (if you have any) and wear something comfortable. The difference     this will make to your productivity is tenfold.


  1. Be in the right frame of mind

Some people interpret working from home as the opportunity for a bit of a skive, others think of it as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve. You won’t have your normal daily commute time and you will have less distractions from your boss and other colleagues.  However, you still need to think of it as a normal workday. Whichever organisation you are part of you will have an important part to play in ensuring its stays afloat and on an even keel in these uncharted waters. With a bit of luck and determination you will also enjoy the benefits of the inevitable relaunch of the economy when we finally emerge from the current public health crisis.


  1. Prepare your work-station

If you can, avoid working on the end of the sofa as you would if you were watching TV. If you have a desk and office you’re lucky, but if there are more than one person working from home at this time, there may be a battle for territory. I appreciate this may be difficult because everyone’s home circumstances will be unique. But, if you can, prepare a quiet space with flat surface and comfortable chair. If you have kids, I’m sure there are other blogs that will advise what to do with them at this time to keep them occupied. Some of my friends have recommended Calpol and Tasers, but I’m not really qualified to comment


  1. Get the Tunes On

Please bear in mind this is not the time to be rocking the techno tunes or blasting the Saturday GBX (Readers in West of Scotland, will know what I mean). However, a bit of the right music can really help you concentrate, helps productivity and keeps you focused. A bit of classical music can work wonders for your focus and productivity, at Two Rivers we recommend Ludovico Einaudi, if you’ve watched This is England, you’ll recognise some of the music. We also recommend any album from the Ministry of Sound Chilled Tunes compilations, if classical music isn’t your thing.


  1. Sharpen the Saw

Don’t forget to schedule time for your own personal development.  We’re going to be on lockdown for a considerable period of team, therefore, it’s important that we maintain our personal development and mental health during this time. Schedule at least 30 minutes a day to reading material that will broaden your perspective on teach you new skills. We recommend Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell or for the budding entrepreneur Shoe Dog a memoir by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike.


  1. Switch Off the TV

If the TV is on, you’re not working and you’re certainly not fully productive. Bill Gates didn’t build his empire listening to Piers Morgan pontificating about vegan sausage rolls in the morning, and you don’t need to hear Sky News repeat its news cycle for the umpteenth time in a day.


  1. Take a Break

Don’t forget to take regular breaks away from the screen, try and avoid the temptation to munch your second packet of Kit Kats or pick at the Pringles in the cupboard.  Instead, try some guided meditation. There are loads available on YouTube, which will help you re-set your brain for 10 minutes and help you focus for the rest of the day.



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