Jim Drain joins Two Rivers Recruitment

25 October 2019

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Meet Jim Drain...the latest addition to the Two Rivers Recruitment team

With twenty years’ experience in Human Resources and recently retired I headed up an HR and Training department for a National construction company.


A very people-focused individual, I believe that the development of people is key to any organisation. Originally from Glasgow I spent most of my working life in Birmingham, having a few years in Bristol.


Whilst having a clear focus on delivering results I ensured that all the teams I worked with had ‘fun’. The idea of being able to support Eddie and his team grow and develop the business is an exciting opportunity. Throughout my career I have great pride in having developed great relationships and hopefully these contacts will prove invaluable in our strive to develop the business and create long term partnerships.


Over recent years the recruitment industry has had its fair share of criticism as targets seemed to be more of a focus than building long term relationships with clients.


Achieving a placement is key however long-term customer relationships built on trust and delivery will be the way that Two Rivers will continue to operate.


I look forward to helping Eddie and the team work towards our goals together, and applying and shares lots of my experience with them through work practices and mentoring.


On a personal level I am happily married to my partner Paul, with whom I have been with for forty years.


*See the Two Rivers team here


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Jim drain is a top man who's poeple skills are second to none . I had the pleasure working with him for many years and can honestly say he's a major asset to any company.
Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 13:41 by David Matthews
Great signing to the team..having had past experience with both Eddie and Jim I can say comfortably that Two rivers will grow in all aspects of Recruitment ..wishing all the team success and growth for the future
Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 13:38 by Willie

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